The Science Behind HRT

The science behind HRT is well documented. Here you will be able to look at the relevant material behind the hype and take a closer for yourself.

Food as a Fuel Source

Food is a necessity of life however, people don’t eat just because they are hungry anymore. Food has evolved to be a comfort, friend, and the demise of good health. Here we illustrate many of the common mistakes people make when trying to modify eating behavior.

Plan Your Success

 Success does not just happen. In order to be successful with anything a plan must be in place. This requires many things but most importantly commitment. Our program will give you the right tools for your success but they must implemented correctly.

Healthier Habits For Life

Living a healthier life is the hardest part of our program. Breaking the bad habits that have developed over time so you can maximize the benefits of your program is challenging to say the least.


Creating a new you for a happier & healther life for the whole family

Rememeber the time when you had the energy to keep up with the whole family. You can again with the right program customized to get you back into life and off the sidelines.

As we get older the days feel longer. Keeping up with a family, life and work was the last thing on your mind just a few years ago.  Now, getting through the workday seems like an unsurmountable task. The strains of a work day shouldn’t leave you without the energy to enjoy time spent with family. Finally, you have the option to choose the kind of life you want to live.

Regenerative Medicine – Make the smart choice and see the difference it will make!

Want to know more about Regenerative Medical Therapy.

What is HRT & is it right for me?

More commonly known as Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT is the science of balancing your hormones to restore your body to an earlier time in your life when you had felt more energized, stronger, and leaner with greater mental alertness and a more laser like focus in your daily activites. If you feel your energy levels aren’t what they used to be HRT may be for you.

Is HRT safe?

This among others are of the top concerns for anyone considering HRT. You want to get better but not end up worse than when you started. Well, the answer is YES, HRT is safe but like anything it must be done correctly. This entails proper monitoring, communication between you and us to ensure that as you progress with your program the right changes are taking place.

HRT and Me?

Thinking the weight gain, irritability, and loss of energy is just a phase won’t put you or anyone else in your life at ease. Our ability to produce our own hormones naturally dimishies as we age. This is a fact of life. The ability to handle stress, maintain our sex drive, muscle & bone mass diminish as we get older despite the best of efforts. Women have a distict point (menopause) at which they stop producing certain hormones. Men however, do not have thi distictive point/break in hormone production. Men exhibit a slow progressive decline over time. The key distinction for treatment in men is when we see these gradual changes starting to affecting our daily lives. This point is unique for each person and exactly why each program is designed specifically to restore your hormone levels to an optimal balance.

Jump back into like with the vigor and focus you thought lost!

Watching life pass you by isn’t easy for you or your loved ones. So lets do something about it together. Here at Regenerative medicine our personalized plans are tailored specifically to your HRT needs.

Don't accept the loss of focus and diminished engergy levels as part of the aging process as we get older. The proven science behind restoring the bodies hormone balance to optimal levels can revitalize your life.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are in life. It’s time to enjoy the life you pictured having while you worked your way to the top.